Tooth Cleaner 18 pcs.

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Whitening Cleaners for a Squeaky Clean Smile Anytime & Anywhere 「Immediate Whitening and Worry Free of Re-Staining」


Tooth Cleaner 18 pcs.

Remove Debris Without Damaging Teeth
Immediate Results and Protection Against Re-Staining

Debris and stains adhering to the tooth’s surface are lifted away and removed gently from the teeth. Individually wrapped medical grade sponges fit discreetly into your pocket or purse for super convenient on-the-spot teeth whitening whenever and wherever you feel the need for a bright and fresh smile.

  • New Whitening Technique 
from the U.S.
  • x
  • Developed Specifically for Teeth
    0.5 micron Microfiber Sponge

The new innovative teeth whitening technique "polyrism" has been incorporated into a sponge specially designed for medical use. Composed of fine fibers suited for uneven areas of the tooth's surface, it efficiently peels away stains attached to the teeth. It also adds a coating to the surface which aids in removing existing debris from teeth and gum line and prevents further discoloration.

Tooth Cleaner 18 pcs.Texture

Squeaky Clean Teeth. Easy and Harm-Free.

No water required, just rub lightly. Whiten your teeth easily and effortlessly—anytime, anywhere.

Gently and Quickly Wipe Away Debris
Maintain White and Clean Teeth on the Go

  • Clean and healthy teeth wihtout yellowing or pigmentation
  • Stain guard protection for teeth even after drinking red wine
  • No re-stains even after drinking coffee
  • Teeth retain a natural luster and transparency
  • A beautiful mouth with a radiant smile

Featured Ingredient

Sodium Polyphosphate
New teeth whitening ingredient. In addition to stain removal, coating and whitening effects, it has antibacterial action against tooth decay.


Teeth Cleaner
Water,Sodium Polyphosphate,Peg-150,Glycerin,Propylene Glycol,Hydrogenated Castor Oil,Sodium Hydroxide,Cellulose Gum,Polysorbate 80,Flavor,Cetylpyridinium Chloride,o-Cymen-5-ol

How to Use

Tooth Cleaner
【 Amount: Single Use 】


Carefully remove sponge from envelope and wipe discolored areas of teeth. Use after consuming dark-colored beverages such as wine or coffee.

About Tooth Cleaner 18 pcs.

Q1 How often should I use the Dental Cleaner? How long will the effect last?
We recommend using once or twice a week. At this frequency, you will be able to experience the stain fighting coating effect of our Dental Cleaner Sponge that prevents discoloration for a prolonged period of time.
Q2 How hard should I rub to get the best effect? Will it harm the surface of my teeth?
No strong force is needed with our Dental Cleaner Sponge. Please just gently and carefully wipe the surface of the teeth and gum line areas for squeaky clean teeth and smile. Our Dental Cleaner Sponge is formulated with Polyethylene and PEG-150, which are superior ingredients that work on stains by removing debris. There is no need to worry about harming your teeth with our innovative sponge because it doesn't contain abrasives and the sponge itself is made of soft fibers.
Q3 When will I see results? Can I use it everyday?
After use, you will be able to see the results on the spot because the debris or stain from teeth will adhere and be transferred to sponge. Also, you can use it every day whenever you feel the need to. To maintain a bright smile, we recommend using it once or twice a week.
Q4 How is the sponge of b.glen's Dental Cleaner different from an ordinary sponge?
It’s a specially designed sponge comprised of ultrafine fibers measuring 0.5 microns. Without damaging the surface of the tooth, it meticulously reaches uneven areas of the teeth and gently sweeps away stubborn debris that cause stains.
Q5 I'm a smoker and I have given up on having white teeth, but will the Dental Cleaner Sponge be able to remove the nicotine stains from my teeth?
With continued use of our Cleaner, gradually the yellowing caused by nicotine from tobacco will be lifted away. And you’ll find that your teeth have become more resistant to stains and discoloration. If you have very dark tobacco stains, we recommend using our Cleaner after you’ve had your teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist so you can notice the difference.
Q6 Occasionally I experience hypersensitivity. Will using the Dental Cleaner cause any pain or irritation?
Our Dental Cleaner Sponge does not contain abrasives or any other strong ingredients that may cause irritation. However, as individuals vary, if you experience some discomfort during use, please temporarily discontinue use and try again later.
Q7 Can it be used on false teeth? Will it have results on artificial teeth?
False or artificial teeth such as implants and dental prostheses are softer than your real teeth and may be scratched or lose surface gloss. Therefore, please refrain from using it on artificial teeth.
Q8 For how long do you guarantee the quality?
It’s three years from manufacture date in the unopened state. The Dental Cleaner Sponges are for single use only. Therefore please use immediately after opening.
Tooth Cleaner 18 pcs.
Tooth Cleaner 18 pcs. 1
  • Tooth Cleaner 18 pcs.
  • Tooth Cleaner 18 pcs. 1


  Tooth Cleaner 18 pcs.

Whitening Cleaners for a Squeaky Clean Smile Anytime & Anywhere

USD 29.00

b.Point 87 pt


Our medical grade sponge-type toothbrush let's you immediately experience a whitening effect simply by brushing the teeth surface. The secret to quick removal of debris and yellow stains is a 0.5 micron microfiber sponge incorporated into the new teeth whitening technique "polyrism". This innovative design allows reaching delicately into any uneven areas to clean the tooth's surface without harming sensitive areas. Moreover, a coating prevents new discoloration. Individually wrapped with charming designs for discreet and super convenient access, the cleaners help you immediately brighten and clean your teeth for an attractive smile for any occasion. PRODUCT USAGE STEPS
Teeth Cleaner sponge (individually wrapped; single-use) x18[Approx.] 3 months if used 1 to 2 times per week Made in Japan
  • NEW
  • Daytime Use
  • Nighttime Use
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