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The finishing touch to a beautiful face. A revolutionary oral care line brought to you by b.glen, inspired by our scientific cosmetic technology.

Revolutionary new smooth sensation
Clean, Prevent, Whiten, Protect

Medicated Toothpaste
Prevents discoloration
Protects against gum disease
No more bad breath

A healthy smile starts with consistent daily brushing. This revolutionary gel type whitening toothpaste is non-abrasive, protecting your teeth's surface from any damage. It is also non-foaming which allows for a more deliberate brushing experience. New whitening technology, "Polyrism" not only lifts stains but also protects against gum disease and prevents bad breath, leaving your teeth whiter, stronger, and smoother with every brush.
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Medicated Toothpaste

60g / 2.12oz.

USD 29.00 5% OFF
USD 26.10

After a coffee break or dinner with red wine
Instant whitening, anytime anywhere

Tooth Cleaner
Won't damage teeth
Protects against future stains

You no longer need to stand in front of the mirror with a toothbrush or mouthpiece to whiten your teeth. This innovative microfiber sponge made specifically to clean the surface of your teeth will wipe away dirt and stains for a refreshing whitening experience on the go.

Tooth Cleaner

Teeth Cleaning Sponge
(individually wrapped: single-use) x18

USD 29.00 5% OFF
USD 26.10

For a whiter, brighter, more beautiful smile
Whitening Gel for long lasting radiance

Dental Whitening Care Set
Pure whiteness
Prevents re-stains
Suitable for sensitive teeth

Working to fix the flaws in conventional dental whiteners, b.glen has developed the ultimate product. By combining three cutting edge technologies, b.glen's whitening gel is safe, effective, and painless. Just apply directly to teeth. Are you ready to brighten your smile?

Dental Whitening Care Set

Whitening Gel
(2.5g/0.088oz. x 7 applications ) × 4 syringes

USD 89.00 5% OFF
USD 80.10

For quicker, whiter results

Get in the whitening habit

  • 6am After breakfast. Brush and start the day with smooth, clean teeth.
  • 1pm After lunch. This after meal brush makes all the difference
  • 3pm Before an important presentation. Boost your confidence with whitening on the go.
  • 8pm After dinner. Stay stainless, no matter what you eat.
  • 11pm Before bedtime. The finishing touch to a brighter smile

What makes teeth whiter?

The key to whitening is "Polyrism"

"Polyrism" is b.glen Dental's revolutionary and highly efficient whitening technology. How does it work?

downward arrow
1. Yellow teeth from stains and tartar buildup
2. Active ingredients collect and lift unwanted stains
3. Coats surface of teeth for protection
4. Keeps stains from coming back
Feedback from customers

What's with the fancy packaging?

We want to bring you joy and happiness from the second you see our product.

My name is Mari. I started working at b.glen one year ago, and I manage package design.

My name is Mari. I started working at b.glen one year ago, and I manage package design. This was my first time designing a package from concept to completion, so I was super nervous at first.

Oral care products are the first thing you use every day, so when I designed the packaging, I wanted it to be something that brightens your mood and
gives you a sense of excitement
for the upcoming day. I actually hid some little secrets in the design too, so take a close look and see what you can find!

Ready to let b.glen dental take your oral health to the next level?
Tooth Cleaner.

Tooth Cleaner

USD 29.00 5% OFF
USD 26.10
Medicated Toothpaste

Medicated Toothpaste

USD 29.00 5% OFF
USD 26.10
Dental Whitening Care Set

Whitening Care Set

USD 89.00 5% OFF
USD 80.10
I just want my teeth to be whiter. Where should I start?
b.glen Dental provides three different whitening products to fit everyone's needs and lifestyle.

  1. Tooth Cleaner - easy, quick whitening on the go.
  2. Medicated Toothpaste - a brighter smile with your daily brush.
  3. Whitening Gel - daily 20-30min sessions for an extra white glow.
Using any one of these products alone will whiten your teeth, but for even faster whiter results we recommend using all three.
When and what should I use for maximum whiteness?
Daily food and fluid consumption leads to discoloration and stains. Therefore, we recommend brushing with our Medicated Toothpaste after every meal. For an even brighter smile, we recommend 20-30 mins of home whitening using our Whitening Gel.
How long before my teeth get white?
Results can be seen is as little as 1 week, but most people see significant results after about a month. In order to maintain the whiteness of your teeth, it is important to continue whitening and cleaning on a regular basis.
Will it damage my teeth?
All our oral care products are equipped with our new whitening technology, "Polyrism". This allows for active ingredients to lift stains without damaging your enamel, while adding a coat to prevent future stains.

Tooth Cleaner:Made from microfiber sponge, developed specifically to remove stains without damaging teeth.

Medicated Toothpaste:Our toothpaste is non-abrasive and non-foaming to protect enamel damage and prevent any unnecessary irritation to the delicate insides of your mouth. The mild peppermint flavor is perfect for all ages.

Whitening Gel:The Peroxide Carbamide in our whitening gel fights against gum disease and is enamel-safe.
Does Medicated Toothpaste contain fluoride?
Our new whitening technology "Polyrism" not only lifts tough stains and prevents further discoloration but also works as an antibacterial to prevent gum disease. "Polyrism" covers all the roles that fluoride traditionally would, so our toothpaste contains no fluoride.