Encapsulating skincare ingredients in microcapsules
and delivering them deep into the stratum corneum



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Brian Keller's Science Technology


What is QuSome?

QuSome® (Qusome) is a unique penetration technology developed by Brian Keller, a leading expert in drug delivery systems (DDS), exclusively for b.glen.

It delivers beauty ingredients deep into the stratum corneum and stays in the skin for a long time, maintaining its effect.


b.glen's Technical Concept QuSome® (1 minute 55 seconds)

4 benefits of adopting QuSome
in skincare products

It blends well with the skin, so it works quicklyIt blends well with the skin, so it works quickly

By alternately layering water-soluble and oil-soluble ingredients, various beauty ingredients are delivered at the same time, speeding up the feeling of effect.

Stably, it demonstrates its effectStably, it demonstrates its effect

By encapsulating beauty ingredients in ultra-small capsules, it reduces irritation to the skin and demonstrates a stable effect.

Delivers reliably to the areas that need itDelivers reliably to the areas that need it

Because it is wrapped in components similar to sebum, it penetrates ingredients that are difficult to penetrate into the skin deep into the stratum corneum.

It stays firmly, so the effect lastsIt stays firmly, so the effect lasts

The 'slow release function' that gradually releases the ingredients wrapped in multiple layers keeps the effect for a long time.

QuSome® is used in b.glen products, but it is meaningless unless effective ingredients suitable for the user's skin are encapsulated. Therefore, b.glen is committed to making products that suit the skin of Japanese women.

By the way, do you think it is possible to rejuvenate the skin?
The skin of those who use b.glen products is the answer.

Beverly Glen Laboratories CSO
Brian Keller

QuSome Safety Data (English) [PDF Download]