Beautiful Skin is
Achieved by Going
Deeper than the Surface
  • + Medical Technology b.glen is the only skincare brand that applied medical - grade skin penetration technology into skin care products.
  • + Made in Japan All b.glen products are developed and manufactured in Japan to ensure the product quality and effectiveness.
  • + Total Beauty Our technology extends to even hair-growth and dental-care products to support your overall health and beauty.

Penetration Technology

Qusomes® are a revolutionary, skin penetrating technology that controls the delivery and depth of penetration of ingredients into the skin.
Medical-grade penetration skincare was born by applying drug delivery system for skin cancer into skincare products.
Most skincare products
DO NOT penetrate into the skin.
Did you know that there is a common principle in the world of skincare? That principle is: Skincare products are not effective if the ingredients do not penetrate into the skin.

  • 40+ times more absorbable than ordinary products.
  • Qusome® based Skin Lotion Moistures skin for 17hours.
  • 6840 trillion Qusome® capsules contained in one Lotion.
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Skincare Professionals

Salon, clinic, R&D Lab, skin care consultants. Professionals in various fields support b.glen's product development.
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Beloved by over 2 Million customers in 33 countries world wide. Our retailers are expanding in US, Japan, and Asia.
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Not Just
Skincare Products

Our pursuit for beauty does not stop with skincare. we’ve developed revolutionary hair-growth and dentalcare products.
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