Beautiful Skin is
Achieved by Going
Deeper than the Surface

b.glen is a scientifically-developed skin solution brand.

That’s right,

No fluffs.
No frills.
No questionable ingredients.

We are committed to our development of carefully selected ingredients, and proprietary QuSome delivery technology for maximum product penetration and efficacy.


Healthy Skin. Healthy You.

Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Fragrance Free
Skincare Analyzer

How Well Do You Know Your Skin?

Just like personalities, your skin is uniquely different.

That’s why we developed our quick + comprehensive Skincare Analyzer. We combined information from studying 1.7 million individuals, to address every skin type, tone, and concern.

Our Analyzer not only suggests your ideal skin care routine, but overall lifestyle and dietary recommendations so you can live as your most radiant you.

Skincare Consultant

The Journey to Better Skin is Made Together

Once you start your journey with us, we offer both online and offline support to teach you correct product usage and advanced beauty skills to reap the maximum benefits from your products.

Our skincare experts provide massage techniques, application methods, and exclusive tips for beautiful skin that lasts a lifetime.

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