We sincerely deal with each and every skin problem.With our unprecedented concept and innovative technology,we continue our pledge of providing products that bring beauty and radiance.

Always Embrace your Skin. From Troubled to Happy.We are b.glen.

To Happy Skin, To Happy You,b.glen can make it all happen.

When you think about a woman's skin,You must also think about a woman's happiness.

This is how we differ from being a basic skincare brand. As dermatology evolves, products now are able to offer unprecedented delightful skin by delivering plenty of the only necessary highly advanced ingredients to a pinpointed location using penetration technology.

Our Salon provides a blissful moment of luxury by escaping from the usual everyday experience.

In addition, similar to the latest beauty trend in the United States of "NOW", we hope to support women by leading them to a more beautiful tomorrow. b.glen starts from the skin of a woman and continues to develop a variety of methods that will bring radiance to her life and mind.

'When you think about a woman's skin, we must also think about a woman's happiness.' This is our b.glen.

Indulgence in a superior luxurious spa salon for you alone.

With the latest state-of-the-art dermatological techniques and sophisticated procedures our salon provides treatments only for one customer at a time. Experience the ultimate indulgence and luxury with Elegant white-tone interiors, Skilled Derma Therapist, and Products utilizing the latest Technology prior to commercialization with ingredients combined individually for each customer.

After a relaxing consultation, guests at our Salon receive a personally customized treatment according to each individual need. Elegant and contented moments All of which are for only one customer at a time. A privilege exclusive to b.glen customers only.


For Women of Today and Tomorrow,Healthy Beauty

It has been said that the occurrence of breast cancer is increasing in women in their late 20s to 30s and peaks during the 40s to 50s years of age. Furthermore, the breast cancer rate has been increasing year by year in Japan. A tragedy could change the future of a woman living a life brightly. b.glen wants to protect the every day lives of these important women. As a result, b.glen aggressively endorses the "Pink Ribbon Campaign" that raises the awareness of breast cancer and all women who suffer from it. We are working in various way to support different aspects of women's lives.