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About b.Points
About b.Points
Earn b.Points

Generous 3% Discount

Get 3% discount of the purchased price as b.Points.For residents of California, b.Points will be discounted before sales tax.

Use b.Points

Simple Conversion: 1 b.Point = 1 ¢

b.Points can be used as discounts for future purchases.Equal exchange rate for 3% of purchase price.

About b.Points


Q1 I'm planning to make a purchase on b.glen for the first time.
How many b.Points am I able to earn?
You'll receive a 3% discount of the purchased price at the time of purchase as b.Points.
Conversion rate is 1 point = 1 ¢ according to 3% of purchase price. Points can't be redeemed on first time purchase but only on purchases thereafter.
Q2 Can I use the earned b.Points on the immediately?
Unfortunately, b.Points can only be applied on discounts on future purchases.
Q3 What happens to the b.Points for a product I returned?
The b.Points initially earned for the returned product, will be subtracted from your point balance.
Q4 Do b.Points have an expiration date?
b.Points expire 570 day (roughly 1 year and 6 months ) from the effective date.
If you shop before the deadline, the expiration date will be 570 days from that day for all points you have.
Q5 Can I transfer my b.Points?
No. It's not possible to transfer b.Points.
Q6 Can I use coupons and b.Points at the same time?
Yes. If you are using a coupon within the expiration date, you can combine it with your b.Points.
Q7 Can I convert the b.Points I've saved up into cash?
No. b.Points can not be converted into cash. Please use it as discounts on purchases made with the rate of (3% purchase price) 1 point = 1 ¢.
Q8 Where can I find my b.Points total?
You must first login into your Membership Account by clicking on My Page. Your b.Points balance is located in your My Page and on the right side below 'Hello, _______".

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