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The Concepts of Skin Penetration and Depth of Penetration Brian C. Keller / Beverly Glen Laboratories, Inc CSO No matter how great an ingredient is, if it does not reach, it does not work. QuSome® is penetration technology that controls the delivery depth of ingredients into the skin.
Most skincare products only sit on the skin surface.
The b.glen mission — To make skin care products that work by facilitating ingredient penetration to the site of action using our proprietary penetration technology called QuSomes®

Women's skin and skin needs vary.
Each individual quest for beauty, looks for a solution to a problem.
Did you know that there is a common principle in the world of skincare? That principle is: Skincare products are not effective if the ingredients do not penetrate into the skin.

Why focus on "The Depth of Penetration"?
The answer lies within these results.
  • Non QuSome® Liquid Solution

    Non QuSome® Liquid Solution

  • QuSome® Liquid Solution

    QuSome® Liquid Solution

Skin absorption demonstration using “cultured” skin* showing fluorochrome encapsulated QuSome lotion vs a non-QuSome fluorochrome lotion 6 hours after application.
*Cultured skin is a synthetic skin product used in non-animal testing facilities that mimics real skin for testing purposes.
Transdermal Absorption Comparative Test: Cross sectional photograph of cultured skin 6 hours after Fluorochrome lotion was applied.
Test number: NDR-CO-14111201KD
(Test conducted by Nicoderm Research, KK.)
If the ingredients in a formula don’t penetrate the skin, it will not work.
If the ingredients are delivered precisely, then the product will be effective.

Effective ingredients are just as important as controlling the 'penetration' of these ingredients in formulas. To achieve genuine product effectiveness, active ingredients need to be precisely delivered to the depth at the source of skin's problems and once there, sufficiently maintained.
The secret to accomplishing true effectiveness lies within b.glen products, with our innovative QuSome® technology.

For women everywhere, who, until now, have tried many skincare products and continued to wonder, "Why isn't it working?"
b.glen is THE BRAND that focuses on penetration depth to address skin problems and issues.

Can skin be rejuvenated? We can answer with a resounding 'YES!' Dr. Brian Keller

Dr. Brian Keller is a pioneer in skin penetrating technology in the U.S. medical community. The jewel in the crown of his ground-breaking technology and know-how are QuSomes®. b.glen is the first in the beauty industry to apply this technology to its skincare products.

A Doctor of Pharmacology that contributes to the care of women's skin.

"Women should spend their time leading a lively and confident life by conquering the variety of skin problems that plague them" — Dr. Brian Keller

This is why, after repeated daily studies, with numerous failures yet several successes, a very determined Dr. Keller succeeded in applying QuSome® technology in beauty products.
This was a revolutionary event in the methods of caring for the skin, and Dr. Brian Keller will always remember that successful moment.

It was that final realization of a dream, to be able to finally deliver necessary ingredients to where they are actually needed.

QuSome® particles are nano-sized, with a diameter between 70 to 150 nanometers. Can you image what it looks like? Approximately 50 particles could fit on the tip of a needle. Encapsulating small particles makes them stronger ingredients This makes them more stable when incorporated into creams, gels and lotions and can make the entire formula gentler, which is fantastic for sensitive skin.

We tested b.glen's skincare product formulated with QuSomes®. Results showed that ingredients were able to penetrate the depths of the skin* to where the damage was located, and demonstrated positive results. Now, it's possible to deliver active ingredients directly to where the problem is occurring in the skin and address it.
*The Stratum corneum (a.k.a. the Horny Layer or the Keratinized Layer).

QuSome® technology and the underlying science is an exciting and groundbreaking phenomenon in the world of skincare. What was once a dream, has now become a reality and we are able to enter into the beginning of a new era.

Can skin be rejuvenated?

This question has been asked of Dr. Brian Keller and he can confidently answer with a smile:

Brian C. Kelelr

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