Important Notice about Aqua UV Protection and Nudy Veil

Skincare Professionals

With our unprecedented concept and innovative technology, we continue our pledge of providing products that bring beauty and radiance.

b.glen Central R&D Labs.

We are promoting the development of innovative skin care products by developing products that apply the cutting-edge technology QuSome® and conducting basic research to support them.
Pharmacologist and b.glen chief scientific officer, Dr. Brian Keller explain science behind skin care products.

The Salon by b.glen

Experience the ultimate indulgence and luxury, Skilled Derma Therapist, and Products utilizing the latest Technology with ingredients combined individually for each customer.
Dermal Therapist Yuko demonstrates latest beauty tips & tricks for your daily skin care.

Quesque Skin Clinic

Personalized skincare that are truly necessary for each individual's skin after consulting with a doctor and delivers them to the depths of the skin at the required concentration.
Dr. Sato, Dermatologist answers medical skincare questions & concerns.

Skin Care Consultants

Certified skin care specialists will suggest products and care methods that suit your skin concerns, and will guide you to resolve your skin concerns, so you don't have to worry about it yourself.
b.glen Pro Skin care adviser, Sunny explains how to keep your skin & body healthy with home care.

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