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[ Eye Care ] Dark, Under Eye Circles

Dark Under Eye Circles
Dark Pigmentation is More Visible Under the Eyes Due to Thinner Skin.

Dark, hollowed underyes are a common concern for millions of people around the world. The skin under your eyes is so thin, that healthy blood vessels are oftentimes visible regardless of age. Dark circles appear in a variety of colors, each signaling a different cause and requiring various treatments.

Description Cause
Blue Circles A blue-ish hue will appear under the eyes as the result of blood-pooling in the capillary vessels (hemostasis). Common Causes: Sleep deprivation, Stress, Eye strain & Dryness.
Brown Circles A brown-ish hue will appear under the eyes as the result of uneven skin tone and high melanin production. Common Causes: Uneven skin tone, Thinning skin, Allergies, Dull skin and Adult acne.
Blue + Brown Circles Most common form of dark circles. Common Causes: All above factors listed.

For brighter, healthier-looking skin in this area, add targeted treatments to your daily regimen.

The delicate area around the eyes requires more attention. Neglecting this important area can cause premature lines and wrinkles as well as dryness. Using targeted and gentle skincare treatments, formulated specifically for the eye area, is crucial. This will keep the area nourished, hydrated, brighter and give it an overall healthier look. Using eye care products with Broad Spectrum SPF is key to protect the area from further UV exposure and sun damage.





Clay Wash

Our clay-based, non-foaming wash gently, yet thoroughly cleanses, removing pore-clogging debris, while delivering essential trace-minerals to keep skin soft, smooth and healthy.

Clay Wash


QuSome Lotion

QuSome Lotion supports perfect moisture-balance, whilst prepping the skin for further treatment.

QuSome Lotion


C serum

C Serum is our advanced formula, directly targeting signs of unevem skin tone, UV damage and various imperfections. C Serum smooths uneven skin tone and restores your natural radiance.

C serum


QuSome Eye Serum

Concentrated QuSome Eye Serum diminishes the appearance of aged eyes by hydrating, firming and brightening. Best-suited to care for modern-day eye area concerns, including excessive blue-light exposure.

Total Repair Eye Serum


QuSome Moisture Rich Cream

Luxurious QuSome Moisture Rich Cream provides continuous hydration and skin-barrier protection, for graceful aging and natural radiance.

QuSome Moisture Rich Cream