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[ Eye Area Care Program ] Crow’s Feet

Crow’s Feet
The eye area is the most delicate and most vulnerable to lines and wrinkles

The skin in the eye area is thinner than facial skin and has less sebaceous (oil secretion) glands. This makes it especially vulnerable to dehydration, wrinkles and sagging. Fine lines and wrinkles around the eye are caused by the loss of moisture in the horny cell layer within the skin. It’s the equivalent of cracks in the earth, due to a lack of water. This area is also vulnerable to UV damage. Squinting, excessive blinking, eye strain and tugging at the eye area are all additional causes of damage and will eventually cause lines and wrinkles. Because this area is very delicate, products specifically formulated for the eye should be used. Using harsh facial cleaners and scrubs can be too rough and deprive skin of essential moisture.


For brighter, healthier-looking skin in this area, add targeted treatments to your daily regimen.

The delicate area around the eyes requires more attention. Neglecting this important area can cause premature lines and wrinkles as well as dryness. Using targeted and gentle skincare treatments, formulated specifically for the eye area, is crucial. This will keep the area nourished, hydrated, brighter and give it an overall healthier look. Using eye care products with Broad Spectrum SPF is key to protect the area from further UV exposure and sun damage.



Gently removes dirt while retaining moisture
Fully moisturizes even to the edges of the eye area without applying excess stimulation
Conditions skin turnover and prevent pigmentation
Apply concentrated beauty serum to penetrate and treat hemostasis and sagging
Preserves delicate skin and strengthen its elasticity and ability to protect itself

[ Eye Area Care Program ]

Eye Area Care

Look like you've turned back the clock with the benefits of targeted eye care.

The eye area is the most delicate and the most vulnerable to the signs of aging. The targeted products in our Eye Area Care Trial Set, including our newest eye serum, provides superior benefits within a daily and comprehensive anti-aging care regimen. Follow this daily skincare regimen, in the AM and PM, for healthier-looking skin.



Clay Wash
Clay Wash

Clay based, non-foaming wash that gently, yet thoroughly cleanses as it washes away dirt and other impurities, while leaving skin in this area hydrating and healthier-looking.

Clay Wash


QuSome Lotion
QuSome Lotion

Gently add moisturizing toner to face and outer eye area, preparing skin for additional treatment products.

QuSome Lotion


C serum
C serum

Target with rejuvenating essence, formulated with Vitamin C. Promote the skin’s turnover, restoring balance between new and mature skin cells.

C serum


QuSome Eye Serum
QuSome Eye Serum

This concentrated serum helps diminish the appearance of damage by hydrating and addressing firmness, suited to care for modern-day eye area concerns.

Total Repair Eye Serum


QuSome Moisture Rich Cream
QuSome Moisture
Rich Cream

Luxurious cream, formulated with our unique Age Recover Complex (TM?) to provide skin support and protection by returning moisture and suppleness.

QuSome Moisture Rich Cream
Clay Wash

  Clay Wash

Clay-based face wash. Glides on smoothly and leaves skin feeling fresh and clean.

Oily SkinSensitiveAcnePoresDryness

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USD 39.60

b.Point 118 point

  • Daytime Use
  • Nighttime Use
QuSome Lotion

  QuSome Lotion

Superior, multi-benefit lotion that delivers up to 17-hours of long-lasting moisture, for beautiful and healthy-looking skin.

WrinklesDark SpotsPoresDrynessTone

USD 52.00 10%OFF
USD 46.80

b.Point 140 point

  • Daytime Use
  • Nighttime Use
C serum

  C serum

Vital Skin Rejuvenator That Instantly Targets Skin Imperfections. Formulated with concentrated, yet gentle Vitamin C to help even tone and boost firming-looking skin.

SaggingAcneAcne ScarsPoresDullness

USD 49.00 10%OFF
USD 44.10

b.Point 132 point

  • Daytime Use
  • Nighttime Use
QuSome Eye Serum

  QuSome Eye Serum

Revive and Awaken Your Eyes. New-Age Heating Eye Serum.

Eye ToneEye WrinklesDry WrinklesFirmnessSagging

USD 59.00 10%OFF
USD 53.10

b.Point 159 point

  • Daytime Use
  • Nighttime Use
  • Special Use
  • NEW
QuSome Moisture Rich Cream

  QuSome Moisture Rich Cream

Rich cream that fights the signs of aging.


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USD 71.10

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  • Daytime Use
  • Nighttime Use

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