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[ Acne Care Program ] Adult Acne

Adult Acne
The first step in effectively treating adult acne: understanding the cause

Do you know the main cause of chronic acne? Many people assume excess oil is the root cause of acne. Because of this misconception, acne sufferers tend to follow a skin care routine of cleansing their face until its “squeaky-clean”, but this actually exacerbates the condition. Excess oil may seem a nuisance, yet it plays an essential role in skin health. Removing more oil than necessary leads to further irritation, unbalanced pH and moisture levels and more. This is especially true for adults who produce much less oil than teenagers.


Retain moisture without depleting skin of its natural oils.
Control inflammation to promote acne-resistant skin.

The most important step in caring for acne prone skin is to utilize a targeted skincare regimen that breaks the “cycle” of chronic acne. The first step is to gently remove impurities and excess oil on your skin, yet retaining crucial moisture. It is key that you follow this daily care routine to keep skin supple and clear of inflammation. The most effective treatments will include Vitamin C, as it packs the power to fight against acne issues. Skin must be kept cleansed and nourished, to help support its barrier function in order to maintain healthy-looking, balanced skin.

Adult Acne


Removes dirt and other impurities while leaving skin looking and feeling nourished.
MOISTURIZE Moisturizing
Gently moisturizes skin, controlling inflammation while keeping it soft and supple.
CONDITION Conditioning
Concentrated serum that helps increase cell turnover and strengthen the skin, leaving skin feeling tightened as it promotes a healthy glow.
PROTECT Protection
Locks in crucial moisture, to help strengthen barrier function and keep skin hydrated.

[ Acne Care Program ]

Acne Care

Stop the Cycle of Acne Breakouts:
Discover your targeted treatment regimen to achieve clearer, healthier-looking skin.

Stop the cycle of acne breakouts with the targeted treatments in our Acne Care Program. Used as a daily regimen, it will work diligently to treat existing acne as well as to limit future breakouts.



Clay Wash
Clay Wash

Clay based, non-foaming wash that gently cleanses as it washes away dirt and other impurities without depleting skin of natural oils.

Clay Wash


Clay Lotion
Clay Lotion

Natural clay lotion soothes inflammation and delivers a healthy moisture balance to skin.

Clay Lotion


C serum
C serum

Formulated with Vitamin C to help seal in moisture and rids skin of any excess sebum. Skin appears rejuvenated, boosting radiance and vitality.

C serum


QuSome Moisture Gel Cream
QuSome Moisture Gel Cream

Formulated with our unique Hydration Complex. Locks in long-lasting moisture that keeps the skin supple and looking flawless.

QuSome Moisture Gel Cream
Acne Care Set

  Acne Care Set

Clear and Healthy Skin - Break the Cycle Against Persistent Adult Acne.

Acne Adult AcneWhiteheadsInflammationSensitive

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Acne Care Trial Set

  Acne Care Trial Set

Clearer and Healthier-looking Skin — Break the cycle against persistent adult acne

Acne Adult AcneWhiteheadsInflammationSensitive

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Clay Wash

  Clay Wash

Clay-based face wash. Glides on smoothly and leaves skin feeling fresh and clean.

Oily SkinSensitiveAcnePoresDryness

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  • Daytime Use
  • Nighttime Use
Clay Lotion

  Clay Lotion

Gentle facial toning lotion that combats redness and inflammation while providing a moisture barrier.

AcneDrynessDehydrationSensitiveOily Skin

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  • Daytime Use
  • Nighttime Use
C serum

  C serum

Vital Skin Rejuvenator That Instantly Targets Skin Imperfections. Formulated with concentrated, yet gentle Vitamin C to help even tone and boost firming-looking skin.

SaggingAcneAcne ScarsPoresDullness

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  • Daytime Use
  • Nighttime Use
QuSome Moisture Gel Cream

  QuSome Moisture Gel Cream

The Ultimate of Lush Hydration that Penetrates to and Energizes Moisture Levels


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  • Daytime Use
  • Nighttime Use

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