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Blackhead & Pore Care Starter Kit

Large Pores
7-day trial set: Experience b.glen's 5-step routine with a gentle clay cleanser and QuSome®-powered Vitamin A+E and C serums. Target and combat large pores, blackheads, and oily skin effectively.
Clay Wash (25g/0.88oz.) / QuSome Lotion (12mL/0.4fl.oz.) / C serum (5mL/0.17fl.oz.) / QuSome Retino A (5g/0.18oz.) / QuSome Moisture Gel Cream (7g/0.25oz.)

Each trial set is limited to one (1) per household.
b.Point 120 pt
Diminish Pores, Banish Oiliness.
Dive into a 7-day exploration of unclogging,
pore-minimizing, blackhead-clearing, and oil-controlling skincare.

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How to Use
In Order of Use
Clay Wash
[ Recommended Usage: about a quarter coin (2.4cm/0.9 inch diameter) ]

Wet face with lukewarm water.

Place about a quarter coin (2.4cm/0.9 inch diameter) size of clay wash in wet hands. Gently rub hands together.
※No need to lather.

Lightly massage Clay Wash over entire face to gently remove dirt. Please do not rub or scrub too harshly.

Carefully rinse with lukewarm water. Please be certain that there is no white cream residue left on skin by washing face clean.

*If Clay Wash accidentally gets into eyes, please rinse with lukewarm water. If pain and inflammation occurs, please consult your ophthalmologist.
QuSome Lotion
[ Recommended Usage: slighty bigger than a quarter coin (3cm/1.2 inch diameter) ]

Place a slighty bigger than a quarter coin (3cm/1.2 inch diameter) amount of QuSome Lotion into the palm of hand.

After lightly rubbing Lotion into both hands, spread over entire face, gently pressing into skin.

In delicate areas of the face such as around eyes, mouth, and nose, gently press and massage Lotion into skin using middle and ring fingers.

Finally, wrap face with hands by placing palms of each hand over entire face until the palms sticks to the skin. Then gently press Lotion into face.

C Serum
[ Recommended Usage: slightly bigger than a dime coin (2cm/0.8 inch diameter) ]

Place a slightly bigger than a dime coin (2cm/0.8 inch diameter) amount of C Serum onto fingertips.

Gently pat serum onto the skin using caution in delicate areas such as the undereye and around the mouth.

If using serum during the day, be sure to follow use with SPF.

*For dry skin and/or sensitive skin, please test and observe condition first in small amounts on skin.
QuSome Retino A
[ Recommended Usage: 1 small squeeze (approx. 6mm/0.2inch diameter) on finger tip ]

After cleansing and toning your face, place 1 small squeeze (approx. 6mm/0.2inch diameter) of QuSome Retino A in the palm of your hand.

Softly apply to desired areas such as forehead between eyebrows or entire face.

Gently massage QuSome Retino A into deep lines.

Place palms of hands onto the massaged areas to let the warmth of your hand help QuSome Retino A blend into skin.

*If you use QuSome Retino A during the day, please use it together with a sunscreen product that provides UV protection.
*For best results, use morning and evening.
*If you have dry and/or sensitive skin, please test a small amount on your skin first.
QuSome Moisture Gel Cream
[ Recommended Usage: 1 small squeeze (approx. 1cm/0.4 inch diameter) ]

Place 1-2 pumps (approx. 1cm/0.4 inch diameter) of QuSome Moisture Gel Cream in the palm of hand.

Place the Gel cream on five points around the face: forehead, chin, both cheeks and nose.

Using palms of hands, smooth Gel Cream from inside face near nose outwards circling around eye area.

Finally, wrap face with hands by placing palms of each hand over entire face until the palms sticks to the skin. Then gently press gel into face.

Frequently Asked Questions
Clay Wash
Yes, however we always recommend a double cleanse to gently remove your makeup. QuSome NanoOff Cleansing removes all traces of makeup without tugging on delicate skin.
While it’s true that foaming cleansers achieve a deep clean, many are formulated with harsh surfectants that strip skin of it’s essential moisture. Our Clay Wash is formulated with a creamy texture, cleansing and detoxifying pores without causing irritation.
As the natural clay begins to detoxify the skin, old sebum deep within the pores may surface as it begins to purge. Small breakouts for the initial 1-2 weeks are normal, and will disappear with continued use. If breakouts persist, discontinue use and consult with your dermatologist.
QuSome Lotion
Apply QuSome Lotion on the skin after cleansing, then apply your regular all-in-one cosmetics. QuSome Lotion should be applied right after cleansing even when using all-in-one makeup and/or cosmetics.
A single bottle can be used for between 1.5 to 2 months when applied mornings and evenings.
For maximum absorption, we recommend applying QuSome Lotion with the palms of your hands.
Both are excellent in penetrating power and efficacy, but the focus for each is slightly different. Compared to traditional QuSome®, which has the effect of delivering beauty ingredients to each layer of the stratum corneum, Charged QuSome® quickly delivers the beauty ingredients deep into the stratum corneum. By adopting these two technologies, you bring a long-lasting moisturizing feeling to the skin. Since we have selected the most suitable penetration technology for the role of the product, both are effective for creating beautiful skin.
One of the new ingredients we’ve added is Ectoine. We have included Ectoine in our new formulation to help boost the skin's hydration. Ectoine is known to help lock moisture even in most hostile and severe environment such as deserts. We have also included gluconobacter(honey) to enhance mild peeling and surface structure and help keep skin looking plump and smooth.
QuSome Lotion can be used on all skin types, but if you have active acne, we recommend first cleansing with our astringent tonic, Clay Lotion to prevent acne. Once your acne has subsided, QuSome Lotion is more universally friendly for a variety of skin types and concerns.
QuSome Lotion quickly delivers moisture to the skin, gently preparing the skin environment for further treatment, prevents rough texture, and supports overall skin health. The reaction on the skin varies depending on several factors such as skin condition, physical condition, and the environment. If you are worried about reacting, we recommend that you do a patch test on the inside of your upper arm before using the product.
In order to effectively care for various worries, it is essential to prepare the environment of the stratum corneum, which is the concept of our QuSome Lotion. As you age, wrinkles and age spots begin to develop, and require a multifaceted approach. QuSome Lotion comprehensively works on all skin conditions that are currently visible, as well as preventing future damage.
C Serum
Using C Serum during the day is completely safe. However, the skin becomes more sensitive to sun exposure, so be sure to follow use with an SPF.
A slight warming sensation is normal when C Serum is initially applied. Vitamin C naturally has a low PH, and whe it meets with the outer layer of skin, your skin may respond with a mild warming or tingling sensation.
Both products will effectively brighten your complexion. C Serum encourages faster cell turnover, while QuSome White Essence provides protection from ultraviolet light.
QuSome Retino A
Using QuSome RetinoA during the day is completely safe. However, the skin becomes more sensitive to sun exposure, so be sure to follow use with an SPF.
Absolutely! To spot treat or target the entire complexion is your choice.
QuSome RetinoA does not contain any harsh chemicals or additives. However, skin is more prone to sensitivity while pregnant. Be sure to check with your doctor to explore which products are right for you.
QuSome RetinoA contains skin-nourishing extracts that will not strip or overly irritate the skin. If irritation occurs, use less product once per week. If irritation continues to persist, discontinue product use.
QuSome Moisture Gel Cream
Yes! QuSome Moisture Gel Cream is an oil-free formula that is light in texture, and safe to use on acneic skin. When the stratum corneum becomes thick and hard due to dryness, it closes the pores and causes acne. Moisturizing is especially important for adult acne, which means the skin is dry, at its core. It gives plenty of moisture to the depths of the stratum corneum and retains it without burdening acne prone skin.
While maintaining the attractiveness and smooth texture of the prior product(GQS1), which approaches the roots of "the ability to generate and store water by itself," new functions such as "skin-beautifying bacteria growth" and "rough skin care" have been added to further enhance the benefits of QuSome Moisture Gel Cream.

In addition, for improved usability and sanitation the container changed from a jar style container to a pump style.

The total amount contained (30 g) has not changed through the renewal.
"In order to protect the delicate contents, we have adopted an [airless container] that can be used sterilely until the end without oxygen access. Due to the specifications of the container, the contents may not come out easily even if the pump is pushed. In such a case, please try the following.

1. Store the product upright.
2. When using it for the first time, it may be difficult to get the contents out at low temperatures such as in winter. In that case, we recommend that you leave it in a room at room temperature for a while before using it.
3. Hold the product vertically in one hand and tap the bottom of the bottle with the other palm several times. When pushing the pump, push the container vertically as much as possible.

If you have tried the above and it still does not dispense, please contact customer support.
By blending a complex (a set of components utilizing QuSome technology) that strengthens the barrier function and a complex that works on the indigenous bacteria of the skin, it prepares the skin environment without imbalances at any time.
The moisturizing power and barrier function of the skin work at their peak potential, and you can maintain a stable and healthy skin condition.
P. Acnes, which is thought to be a bad guy, is one of the indigenous bacteria that keeps the skin slightly acidic. When it increases due to skin environment, eating habits, and stress, it causes skin troubles. On the other hand, if it decreases too much, the skin will become alkaline and the balance of bacteria will be lost, resulting in worsening of the skin condition. P. Acnes is one of the bacteria that keeps the skin healthy, so it is important to have a healthy balance.
Healthy skin is kept slightly acidic, thanks to "skin-beautifying bacteria". An environment in which troubled skin tends to become acidic and age skin accelerates. "Beautiful skin bacteria" that keep the skin condition stable prefer moisturized skin, so please use QuSome Moisture Gel Cream, which has high moisturizing power.
Invisible "skin indigenous bacteria" reside on the skin. Typical examples are "Staphylococcus Epidermidis" a.k.a “good bacteria”, "Acne bacteria" which are opportunistic bacteria, and "Staphylococcus aureus" which is called "bad bacteria". Each of these bacteria keeps the skin moisturized and stable while balancing each other. Maintaining a healthy balance of indigenous bacteria is one of the conditions for beautiful skin.